Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Uni Books


This post was inspired by Cass from Cassandra Myee and her post on her art and architecture books which she studies at uni. I thought I would share the books I have for this semester which I am in the last week of, YUS! I have to confess that I tend to be a little slack in reading them especially during the weeks where assignments are due. I will read them for my upcoming exams and afterwards I might flip through them to look at the pictures.

These books are really more Art History based even though one of my papers is technically Ancient History.  I find them really interesting, especially how skilful the ancient people were to create these decorative pieces of art and pottery.

In my Ancient History course we study ancient Aegean and Egyptian art concurrently as they eventually crossover with one another.

The Art of Ancient Egypt - Gay Robins

I was really surprised to learn how developmental Egyptian Art was as before I just thought the same style was maintained throughout the dynasties. I however was wrong and it was interesting to see the changes in showing the figure.

Aegean Art and Architecture - Preziosi and Hitchcock

I won't lie I was more interested in this side of the course rather than the Egyptian especially since we had image tests and it was impossible for me to remember all the strange Egyptian names.  Aegean art was more interesting for me as there were more variation of art; pottery, frescos, sculpture and also the art is very similar to that of ancient Rome which I took a paper on last year and loved.  What interested me the most was the different areas that we looked at; Mycenae which is mainland Greece, Cycladic and Minoan and that they all had their own style.

Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy - Michael Baxandall

This book is actually for my Art History paper but has less images.  It's more about the theory side I guess of studying the Italian Renaissance and the importance of the 'Period Eye' when looking at art.  It basically means just putting it into the context of the time.

I also have three books comprising of Greek Tragedy plays which are not as interesting as the books above visual wise but the stories are interesting if not a bit disturbing as well.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Outfit and Makeup for JT


Sorry for the halt in blogging last week, my laptop gave up and now it won't turn on at all which is very inconvenient.  I'm doing this post on the main computer at home as doing it on the blogger app was a bit of a disaster.  

Last Wendesday I went and saw Justin Timberlake live with my sister (she somehow was lucky to see him twice) and it was amazing! He did a lot of his old songs which was great and afterwards my ears were ringing for quite a while.  I thought that I might blog about what I wore and how I did my make-up for it. It's not very exciting but I thought it might be fun to do.

Black Shirt - Farmers
Tartan Skirt - Valley Girl

Jacket - Jay Jays

Shoes - Number One Shoes

I also wore plain grey tights to bring it all together. I was planning on wearing my heeled boots but I wore them all day at uni and my feet were killing me, so I went for the more comfortable option.

Primer - Maybelline Baby Skin
Foundation - Revlon Colourstay
Concealer - Collection Cosmetics
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte
Blush - NYX
Mascara - Collection Cosmetics

This is just my usual make-up look I have everyday, it's not very exciting but what the hell I thought I would include it. I was planning on wearing lipstick but couldn't be bothered with the maintenance so I just brought along my Nivea Lip Balm.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Like I said Justin was amazing and I had a great time singing along.  In fact after his concert I've now become obsessed with all of his songs particularly FutureSex/LoveSound which I've had on repeat for the past couple of days.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Matching Nails and Lips

It's been a while since I've posted and it feels kinda strange... I've taken a well needed hiatus from blogging to try and concentrate more on what felt like never ending assignments that were due one after the other.  Anyway, I'm back! I've only got a test on Thursday then I'm done till exams kick in.
I know I'm getting less stressed when I decide to paint my nails. Over the last couple of weeks the thought of doing them felt like a chore and the idea just repulsed me.  Yesterday I felt my nails were bare and boring and felt like doing them.

As usual when I go to pick a colour I think that I really need to get more colours and also that I have a number of reds.  As you can see I went for a red but is more of a orange-y red. It's from Collection Cosmetics and is 'Lady in Red'.  The colour is nice, it's pigmented so you cold get away with one coat but I usually go for two.  It doesn't have great lasting power, it's already started to chip on my left hand but what can you do.
While I was painting them I thought that the colour was a almost perfect match to one of my lipsticks.
This is a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love that Pink which is more a red pink than an actual pink.  I wore it all day on Saturday, unlike the nail polish it has great lasting power which had a little help from Lily Pebbles and her tips on How to make Lipstick Last. So yeah, it pretty much lasted the whole day with a few touch ups which I did out of boredom.

Yesterday my fam and I went for a little trip in Pukekohe and of course I had to have a look in Farmers.  I only came away with a plain, black short sleeved shirt but was something I really needed as I have none and really goes well with some skirts I have.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully the blogging will be more regular from now on but was nice to have a little break.

Friday, 3 October 2014

My Favourite Things #21

No more essays
Yesterday I handed in my last ever essay (hopefully) and it felt soooo good! It's getting close to the end of the semester and right now I'm kind of just over it all.  Essay's are the most painful thing ever and for some reason I just hate reading my own writing and I just can't stand editing. I've got an assignment and a test left to do then I'm all done apart from the exams at the end.  If I pass everything this semester I will have finally got my degree which is scary as I've been doing this for so long and I have no plans for what I'm going to do next.

Lately I've been really obsessed with vlogs all of a sudden.  There's heaps of them in my subscription box on YouTube and I just love watching other people's lives which are much more interesting than mine.  I have a lot of favourites including: Vivianna Does Makeup, Lily Pebbles, Essie Button, Zoella and Tanya Burr. Watching these videos are pretty much the highlight of my day and always put me in a good mood.

Return of awesome TV shows
It's that time of year where all the TV shows are starting back up again in the US and I'm soooo excited.  Once Upon a Time started back up earlier in the week and was so good! I've missed it so so much. As I'm writing this the Vampire Diaries are airing in the US and after that Reign.  These are another of my favourites shows and it's painful seeing all the tweets about the shows when I can't watch them and have no idea what is going on. 
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend!