Thursday, 19 March 2015

Current Jewellery Pieces

When getting ready in the morning jewellery is pretty much the last thing on my mind and is the thing I often forget about.  When I was younger I would have this problem where I would just buy or receive pieces of jewellery and just never wear any of them.  These days I'm trying to wear more jewellery because they look pretty and add something to the outfit I guess.
Pretty much the only jewellery I wear at the moment are rings. The three rings above are the ones I wear currently.  The Daisy Pandora Ring I got for my birthday last year, the Bow Ring I got for Christmas and the last one is what I got for my birthday this year.  The two rings I got for my birthdays only fit on the same finger so I can only wear one at a time which sucks.
While going through all my jars, boxes and things I discovered some other pieces of jewellery which I just put away and then complete forget about.  I've had the heart necklace for a couple of years and I think the pin is from my 21st last year.  I want to try to remember to wear them especially the pin which I like.  Lately I've been loving more simple jewellery so I'm hoping to find some pieces like that to wear.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Next week I'll be in Australia so there won't be any posts. I do however have a feeling there might be some haul posts after that week though :p

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Schwarzkopf BB Hair Repair

The first week of the semester is always interesting. First there's more people at uni then there will be for the entire year and during O-Week there are numerous of stalls wanting you to sign up.  There is also free stuff which is what I like to hunt out.  This year the stalls overflowed into Albert Park and as I was walking through I got given this which was cool.
I've never used a BB cream for your hair, I never knew they actually existed.  This is a Extra Care Hair Repair BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier (that's a lot of words). 
According to the back of the bottle it provides:
Split Ends Protection
Silky Softness
Diamond Shine
Frizz Control
Strength Against Damage
Immediate Detangling
Natural Volume
Deep Nourishment ...  as well as other things.
You apply it to the mid-length and tips of your hair when it's towel dry and you just leave it in.  I haven't used it that much to see any results (sometimes I forget it) but the formulae is creamy and light and it smells amazing.  I can't wait to see if it actually works as my hair breaks so much it's not even funny and lets not talk about the frizz...

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Birthday Gifts

Last Friday I turned 22.  While I spend most of the day at uni doing assignments :( I had a nice chill day.  I thought I would share what I gifts I got.

The first gift I got was a ring from my parents as well as some money.  The ring is gorgeous, as you can see it's silver with diamonds and I really like the design. It's different but elegant.  Mum was very pleased with the price of it, she left the receipt in the box accidentally so I saw and it was a good price. 
My parents and my brother gave me some chocolate so had a nice little stash as you can see. Most of it is gone now though...
My Grandmother sent me a little notebook to write in birthdays and anniversaries which is cute. My Aunt gave me some spending money for Australia which was awesome. More Shopping!!!
My friend gave the loveliest gift ever. It's a small canvas with an old fashion kinda design print of the Eiffel Tower. It's so gorgeous especially the ribbon to hang it on the wall.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Shoes #002

So these days I kind of have an obsession with boots.  I'm pretty sure I can thank Vivianna Does Makeup for that as she's almost always wearing her Ash Boots which I love and want a pair for myself. 

A while ago Number One Shoes were having their buy two get one free promotion thing, I went in to have a look and the next thing I know this happened.

Just look at them <3 <3 <3

Bronte Boot - Tan
I actually have this style of boot in red which I got for my birthday last year and I swear they're the most comfortable shoe ever.  I was understandably super happy to see the boots still in store without the red ones though.  I decided on the tan ones as they just looked the nicest and you always need some tan boots.
Cynthia Ankle Boots - Black
These caught my eye when I walked past them, mostly because the were black which is what I needed and it didn't have too much of a heel which is also what I needed.  This boot also comes in in a grey/brown but they kinda looked more cowboy-ish especially with the belt detail, trust me the black looked better.
Hearsay Shoes - grey/brown/whatever colour you call it
There weren't any other boots that really spoke to me then my Mum found these. They're just a nice casual shoe which my Mum pointed out would be good to wear about while we're in Australia.  I'm not really sure what colour they are, it's like a grey/brown.

So these are my new babies. It was even better as the boots were already discounted so all three shoes totalled to the price of one pair of boots. YAY FOR SALES.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx