Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Art Inspiration - Italian Patrons and Artists


It's been a while since I've done an art post and since I had my first lecture for my last Art History course on Friday I thought I might share some images which I found interesting and try to explain what the course is about.
The course is called 'Artists and Patrons in Renaissance Italy' and I soon as I saw it was being offered this year I knew I wanted to do it, Italy + Renaissance = <3 The last time I really studied this area was in high school/in my first year so I was really excited for it.  The course focuses on the relationship between the Patron and the Artist and how it reflects on the work.
Mantena, Camera degli Sposi, Ducal Palace, Mantua
This is the ceiling of the Duke of Mantua's palace and as soon as I saw it I was like whoa. I was amazed at all the detail in the greenery, the architecture and also the use of foreshortening.  The use of gold really enhances the magnificence of the painting and would clearly illustrate the wealth and power of the Duke.
Majolica plate with the arms of Isabella d'Este
This plate is very magnificent and I'm really amazed about the amount of detail and skill it would have took to create this piece of art.  The plate is thought to be for d'Este's daughters wedding which shows how the elites at the time celebrated events and how it was another opportunity to show off the wealth and power.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! I also am taking a course on ancient Greek and Egyptian art which is not as colourful and magnificent as the Renaissance but it's interesting and I might do some posts on it.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Beauty Shelf


I keep all of my beauty products in my bathroom on my vanity, it's not very big so every bit of surface area is covered so when something falls over there's like a domino effect and brings down everything else with it.
My parents bought and put up a glass shelf on the wall of my bathroom which meant that everything could be moved and neatly put away and not be prone to hit by water from the basin.

As you can see things are somewhat ordered and I can easily grab everything and is pretty close to the basin which is where I stand when doing stuff because the mirror is right in front of it obviously.  My Mum a while ago got me a Cosmetic Organiser from Bed Bath and Beyond so I can neatly keep all my makeup. 
As you can see I really don't have much but I do have quite a long list of things I want to get which I will hopefully one day get.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Favourite Things #12

Uni stuff
While I have mentioned that I am stressed already with it still being the first week of the new semester I am however enjoying the lectures and what I am studying.  So far I've only had classes for two of my courses and have been immersing myself in ancient Aegean art and Greek tragedy.  Today I finally have my first Art History lecture which would be a nice change from all the ancient Greek stuff to the Italian Renaissance.
Packages in the mail
I have mentioned this before but I'm once again including this as my books that I ordered on Book Depository are finally and gradually arriving.  I won't lie it's the most exciting thing in the world going to the mail box and finding a package with your name on it, even though they're books for uni it's still exciting.  I'm still waiting on two more books to arrive so the excitement continues!
My IPod
Words cannot describe how much I love/need/rely on my iPod. I use it to check twitter, email, Instagram and of course to listen music which really needs a little overhaul but I just can't bring myself to do it.  It's also very useful when I'm on the train, twice a day for an hour each time :/ It allows me to block out the rest of the world and is especially good when I'm on the train from 3 o'clock onwards, noisy school kids in a confined are *sigh*
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Have an amazing weekend :D

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cover and Conceal


I've only been back to uni for three days and I already need a break, as soon as your back they hit you with all the assignment dates and I instantly become stressed *sigh*
Anyway on to happier things on Sunday I went to Farmers and straight away headed for the makeup.  In a perfect world I would have gotten everything, but for some reason I have a problem where I just can't decide what I want so I just end up not getting anything, this also applies to food as well.

My main goal of the trip was to invest in some foundation and concealer as my current foundation shade makes me look like an oompa lompa, not sure what I was thinking when I got it... I went with Revlon Colourstay for Combination/Oily skin again as it's good and works for me. I got colour matched in store and was two shades lighter than my previous foundation (oops)
While I was there I also wanted to get some concealer so I don't look like death when I get up at insane times for uni.  I had a look at the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer but decided to go with Collection Cosmetics as I've heard great things about it and it's cheaper (it was actually on sale at Countdown which was a major score).  I got it in Fair, the lightest shade and works well, it really does brighten up my eyes.  I originally thought I would be more a medium but I realise with the whole foundation incident I am lighter than I think I am which is weird, I think I'm tricked by all the redness.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! :D