Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy 1st Birthday!


Today is actually the blog's first birthday!

I can't really remember why I decided to start a blog this time last year, I think I did it on a bit of a whim.
I didn't really start off well and there was a few times where I considered deleting it.  It wasn't until this year where I really seriously put some time into it and I'm really glad I did.  I'm always surprised that people actually read what I write and I get really excited when anybody comments so thank you to everyone! I also love all the people I've "met" on Twitter from doing it which is awesome.
I really love it now, it's not perfect but I'm really excited in turning it into something amazing.
Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Calf Club Day


Sorry for being M.I.A for the last week but uni work has been really stressing me out which leaves me drained of any creativity for the blog.  There probably won't be any posts next week either but we'll see how we go. I normally don't post on a Sunday but I had a little fun excursion yesterday which I'd thought I will document.
My old Primary/Secondary school had their annual Calf Club day yesterday.  When I was at school this was my favourite day ever, firstly because of the day itself and also because leading up to it we would have dedicated class time to do art which would then get judge and the day before we did flower arrangements. 
It was very weird going back after like nine years after leaving (can't believe it almost been a decade) especially when I remember the school being bigger than it was. It was also very weird walking around and seeing all the old teachers I had who pretty much are the same as I remember them. 
I also remember there being a lot more stuff at Calf Club as well, maybe it just doesn't appeal to me as much anymore.
 There were small motorised cars
A rock climbing wall
There was also horse riding and a digger that scooped out balls out of some water. Just your classic country school games.
I made some new friends
And of course I got candy floss which I then ate too fast and got a bit sick
We didn't spend that long there as there wasn't a lot to do so we went home to what could be described as a mini calf club.
This is Rocky the sheep sitting by the flowers for some shade I think
This is my sister's new Guinea Pig baby. It's very soft and cute.
Hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm pretty much half way through my assignments and I can just taste the freedom. Seriously can't wait for this semester to be over.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My Favourite Things #20

The Illusionists 2.0
I mentioned last week I was going to the show and I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately Mum got sick and couldn't come which was sad as she really wanted to go, my sister went with me instead as Dad thinks it's just all a con...  The show was amazing, it was part magic part comedy show and it blew my mind. I kind of wished I went more than once because I loved it that much.
Sam Smith covering Arctic Monkeys' 'Do I Wanna Know?'
When I saw Coup De Main Magazine tweet a link to this cover I clicked it straight away as what could be more perfect than this? I was right as soon I as I heard the first few seconds. Sam Smith's voice is amazing and coupled with one of my favourite Arctic Monkeys songs means that this cover is my new obsession and will be listening on repeat.
Having half the assignments as usual
Once again this is a little weird but is awesome. Usually you take four courses a semester and there are typically two pieces of internal work for each which adds up to eight all up.  This semester however I'm only taking three courses and two of them only have one piece of coursework. This can be a little daunting but at the same time I literally have half the work load I did last semester which good but not any less stressful.
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend! Sorry about the randomness of my blogging I've had essays due in this week and the coming weeks so the blog will take a backseat for a while.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Giveaway Items


I've mentioned last week that I got a pretty little pink box in the mail which was the prize I won from Laura Loves Beauty Blog. There was a variety of stuff including a few treats to eat and it was like Christmas and my Birthday wrapped into one when I was opening it.
This was the sight that greeted me when I opened up the box. I have professed my love/addiction to chocolate numerous times so I was particularly excited when I saw the Crispello.
Laura also included a sweet little card and I just had to get a photo of this adorable sticker. I felt so bad when I opened the envelope.

The chocolate and the lollies were pretty much gone within the first day, no sweets are ever safe in the house :p  She also include a business card which I love and I really want my own.

Elf Liquid Eyeliner
I actually already own one of these but I've had it for awhile and is probably not as good as it was new.  It's a good thing I have this backup so I can practice my eyeliner skills which at the moment is zero so I really need it.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
I was excited to get this as I do not yet own a primer and wanted to see how it went.  This primer was mentioned on Nouvelle Daily about being a really good primer on a budget.  I agree with everything that was written, it literally gives my skin a silky feel and my foundation goes on a lot easier so when this runs out I definitely need to find me some more.

Linden Leaves Porcelain Brightening Serum
I've never really heard of brightening serum before so was interested in trying it and seeing how it worked out.  First of all it smells amazing, very floral and reminds of the day before calf club when we would all do our flower arrangements.  It's a weird thing to be reminded of but I loved calf club and doing the floral arrangements and the art were very fun.  Anyway the serum is very light weight and dries quickly, it doesn't leave my skin oily which is a big plus.  I haven't used it for that long so I'm excited to see how my skin will turn out.

Lime Crime in Babette
I think it's pretty clear that I have an obsession with these lipsticks, I currently now have four. Babette came in the 6th Anniversary Limited Edition Packaging which is cool to have.

The colour is gorgeous, it a pinkie nude which is actually something I've really wanted for a while so I am super excited to have it.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Sorry there was no post on Monday, I had an essay due which was very stressful and am glad it's over.