Wednesday, 1 July 2015 #002

So I think blogging will only be once a week kinda thing for a while.  During the semester break I'm doing a placement for one of my papers and I have to do 60 hrs.  So I'm going in three times a week and the rest of the time is made up of me combating procrastination and trying to get my dissertation done (the draft is due at the end of break eeeeek). So yeah that's pretty much my life these days.
I do however always seem to make time for some online shopping. When I saw had free shipping on all orders I had to have a look. Never one to turn down a great shopping opportunity I found a couple of things and made my way through checkout.
As you can see my love for anything red or berry coloured is still strong and I got these two.
Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil
I've been hearing many people rave about these pencils so I headed straight for the Maybelline section.  The colour is in 510 Red Essential (of course) and oh my god it's amazing.  It's like a lipstick but it's a pencil which kinda blows my mind.  First of all it smells amazing, like lollies, part of why I love it is because of that.  With it being a pencil you would expect to be quite drying but it's actually very moisturising. It goes on easy and doesn't dry on your lips which is a major plus for me.
Australis Velourlips
I've been wanting one of these for ages so I had to pick one up.  The colour is in Doo-Bai and is a dark berry shade which I love.  It's very similar to the Lime Crime Velvetines in that it dries instantly when you apply it.  It's great in that it doesn't smudge and lasts pretty long.  I also love the applicator as well, it's easy to outline your lips and then just fill them in.
Australis on the left and Maybelline on the right
One thing I've noticed with the swatches is that while Velourlips dries instantly the Maybelline Lip Pencil doesn't. Like I said it's very moisturising and at the moment it has smudged off my hand while the Velourlips has stayed put.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! also now have the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks which I have also heard are amazing so maybe that will be my next haul.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Once'it #005

Guess who's back!! So it turns out I'm crap at time management and I can't physically manage to juggle too many things at once.  It also didn't help that I've been taken down with a cold so last week was not good overall. 
I did however manage to pull myself together and head along to a Bruchclub on Saturday. It was at Jack Tar in Wynyard Quarter, I'd been there once before at New Years Eve but only for drinks.  I was typically boring and had toast with peanut butter. I've been getting back into peanut butter and I'm loving it.  We were split into two tables so unfortunately I couldn't chat with everyone, next time hopefully.

You've seen these types of posts before, I randomly decide to have a look on a website and end up seeing things I love and have to have.  Of course I happened to look when the sale was about to end so I quickly had to decide what I wanted to buy.

I got two things; a pink quartz necklace and a postcard set with some amazingly designed quotes.

When I saw the necklace I just had to have it.  There were other gemstone necklances but this one just spoke to me and I had to have it.  I also couldn't go past the price, I'm pretty sure it was at least $200 off.

You could get a couple of these as well as other designs in A3.  I was so tempted to get one but decided on the postcards as I could get most of the designs and plus I don't have much wall space in my room left so an A3 print would not have fit.
I just love the designs and the quotes.  They're pretty motivational and are indeed words to live by.  My favourites are "Decide Commit Succeed" and "Put on Some Lipstick and Get your Shit Together".
Once'it always have some great sales going on, it face I spotted some just now... It's not good for my bank balance.  You can check out the awesome sales HERE (you can only access it once you've been invited and signed up. Here's your invitation, now you have no choice but to shop :p)
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Amy Snow - Tracy Rees

I may or may not expressed it enough on the blog but I love books.  When I get a new book I usually run through it and find it very hard to stop.  More often than not I have to read it a couple more times to pick up things I've missed.
When the opportunity to work with Hachette NZ came up I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad I did. 
The first book they sent me was Amy Snow* by Tracy Rees and it is actually her debut novel.
Book Summary
The book follows Amy Snow who was abandoned as a baby and found in the snow by Aurelia Vennaway.  Amy grew up at Hatville Court but was seen as an inconvenience to everyone but Aurelia who is Amy's only friend.
When Aurelia tragically dies young she leaves Amy a treasure hunt in the form of letters and she embarks on a journey to discover Aurelia's secret.
What really interested me about the book was the whole treasure hunt theme. I loved them when I was younger, in fact I still love them today.  It was this that really made the book exciting for me, the reader like Amy had no idea what Aurelia had planned for them.
A good book for me keeps you guessing and even better if you get surprised.  This book definitely did that.  Aurelia's secret completely surprised me; I was like what, really, no way. 
At the start of the book the chapters switch between Amy's journey and flashbacks which gives us a sense of how Amy grew up.  There are some heart-breaking moments especially with the relationship between Amy and Lady Vennaway as well as Aurelia's death.  There are some sweet and funny moments with the friendship between the two girls and Amy navigating her way through the hunt on her own.
That fact it was set in the mid 19th Century in England made it more intriguing for me. I kind of love stories that aren't set in normal 21st century life.
Overall I completely enjoyed this book and would gladly read again a number of times.  The book came out yesterday, June 9, and you all should definitely get a copy if it sounded like something you'd read.
* This book was sent to me but the review was all my own opinions.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xoxo

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Elizabeth Arden vs Garnier: Battle of the Makeup Removers

For a long while I've been hearing the hype surrounding the Garnier Micellar water and how it amazing it is.  I've been trying to find it with no avail until a some weeks ago when I spotted the last bottle at Farmers.  I found it just in time as I was almost out of my Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover.
I thought I might do a comparison of the two because they quite similar but yet different.
I got both of these from Farmers. The Garnier Micellar Water is $12.99 and is 400 ml.  The Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover is $51.00 and is 100 ml.  In just comparing this you definitely get more for your money with the Garnier, it's cheaper but yet has more product than it's expensive counterpart.
Both products are very effective in taking off makeup easily.  They're pretty much similar in that respect. You also don't need to use much product as well, your makeup pretty much glides off.
There are more of these then similarities as you will see.  The Elizabeth Arden is more oil based so when I use it my face kind of gets like an oily cover which made it very soft and weird.  My face also felt amazing once I washed my face afterwards.  You don't get that with the Garnier and it leaves my face a little dry so you definitely need to moisturise afterwards.
The Elizabeth Arden is also more effective in taking off mascara (probably since it is oil based).  When I used the Garnier on my eyes my mascara doesn't budge at all, so these days I been forgoing the mascara cause I can't be bothered trying to get it off.
The Elizabeth Arden is somewhat better, it should be since it's way more expensive, but I do love the Garnier just as much. I'll keep getting the Garnier as it's much cheaper (if I can find it again) and they do have a remover for eye makeup so it will be interesting to see how good it is. 
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xoxo